Tuesday Tasting – North Peak Diabolical IPA

North Peak Diabolical IPA

Pure Michigan.  North Peak has it’s roots firmly planted in the craft beer center of beautiful Michigan.  Founded in a deserted candy factory and headed by brewmaster Ron Jeffries, North Peak is known for its backwoods image and laid back character.

A short stubby bottle and a jackalope on the label give way to a nostalgic, rebellious drink. Rumor has it that the best way to catch a jackalope is to set a flask of whiskey out at night and let it drink up.  True or not, there is a strong attraction to the bottle of Diabolical IPA.

The appearance of the beer is amber with a strong head. A strong fruity hop smell with a slight pine scent. This isn’t the most hop-forward beer but very well balanced and allows the malt to have a nice presence.

I’ve found the beer tastes better fresh at North Peak in Traverse City than out of a bottle. Maybe I just had an old batch, though I’ll still be sure to pick up a few 6 packs any time I’m in that area.