Not sure where to start? Here are the basics of making beer.  Still unsure? Chat with us.

Why not just buy beer from the carryout?
Making beer at home is more than just cracking open a bottle and drinking it. When you make it at home, you know where the ingredients come from and the results can turn out to be better than anything you can easily purchase. Plus, the factor of taking that first sip and realizing that you made this. It suddenly becomes hard to find a better beer than yours.
What else is needed to start brewing?
The kits include everything you need to start brewing. The only things that are needed are a 8-12 QT cooking pot and 10 bottles.
Are special bottles needed for my beer?
Any flip-top or pry-off type bottles will work. If you are lucky enough to find 10-12 flip-top bottles save them! Otherwise, you can use any pry-off type bottle with additional caps and a bottle capper.
Is beer making legal?
Yes! Aside from Prohibition, making beer at home has been a long standing tradition. Our kits aim to revive that heritage and use the same time-honored practices with modern techniques to make great beer.
How long will it take?
The first step of making beer is brewing it. This involves steeping (called mashing) for 1 hour, then boiling for 1 hour then transferring to the fermentation jug. This typically takes 3 hours. The second step is bottling the beer. This involves transferring it from the fermentation jug to the bottles and typically takes less than 1 hour.
What if it something went wrong while making my beer?
Don’t dump it out yet, contact us and we can help figure out what went wrong. If something was slightly “off” while making the beer, it may not be a big deal and could have no effect in the end.